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Workshop Services

You car is a highly complex machine. It needs regular maintenance according to manufacturer specifications in order to retain its maximum performance. Our experienced technicians have many years of expertise and extraordinary dedication, guaranteeing the very best service for your car in our brand-specific certified service and workshop areas.

Other comprehensive services, such as smart repair or applying a paint protection film, professional vehicle valeting and, last but not least, an attractive range of accessories, put the finishing touch on our portfolio. Your car is in good hands with us.

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Extended Warranty

From the extended new car warranty to used car warranty – each of our brands offers a comprehensive range of warranties for your vehicle investment – so you can rest assured that each drive will feel like your first.

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Europe-wide Pick-up and Delivery Service

We would be happy to organise our convenient vehicle pick-up and delivery service for you upon request.

We have two closed special transports in our fleet that are specifically dedicated to this purpose, with which we can safely, flexibly and conveniently transport your car across Germany and Europe for a fee.

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